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Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

What’s better than a warm shower on a rainy evening or a warm shower on a chilly morning? Baths are enjoyed by everyone and  with the right water pressure, scented candles and amazing soaps a bath can be the most relaxing activity of the day.

Skin care enthusiasts today prefer to buy scented products which have nourishing properties. If it comes to skin nourishment there’s no soap better than VHerb’s Goat Milk Soap.There are lots of benefits of Goat Milk. Let’s see what they are.

Rejuvenate? Rejuvenate!

Goat Milk consists of saturated and unsaturated fats which make it creamier and makes it an excellent soap base. This property of Goat Milk nourishes and rejuvenates our skin. This non-traditional soap base is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to cure their dry skin. 

Ceases Inflammation

Goat Milk has strong anti-inflammatory properties and eases inflammation caused due to allergies and acne. It’s effective against acne and reduces skin irritation quite effectively.

Rich in Nutrients

Cholesterol, Vitamins and fatty acids keep our skin healthy. If your skin lacks these nutrients, it may become dry and irritated. Fatty acids in Goat Milk promote smooth and healthy skin.

VHerb’s Goat Milk Soap exfoliates and gets rid of that stubborn acne. 

Nourishes your skin

Goat Milk has proteins, hydro-acids and vitamins which help in skin rejuvenation, brightening and eases dry skin. Goat Milk Base in a soap prevents several skin allergies and gives your skin the proper care it needs. This soap base brightens your skin and gives it a gentle cleansing. It naturally holds moisture and keeps our skin plump. 

Choosing the right soap for yourself can be the most crucial thing in your skin care regime.Goat Milk nourishes your skin and gives it a natural glow. 

Who doesn’t need a soap that is gentle and gives your skin a youthful glow? 

This soap base is highly beneficial and gives us that healthy, flushed and nourished skin we’ve always desired. I’d love to come home and unwind with VHerb’s Goat Milk Soap. Wouldn’t you too? 

Try VHerb’s Goat Milk Soap today!

Rose Shampoo

What do you need to make your bathing experience great? You need a good soap, good water pressure, some scented candles and an amazing shampoo. If you need a mild scented Rose Shampoo VHerb’s got you covered . A good shampoo is an essential item in our daily life. So why not put great thought while selecting a shampoo which suits your hair the most?

Vherb’s rose shampoo consists of essential  nutrients like glycerin, rose extract, geranium oil which cleanses your scalp and prevents it from getting dry. A shampoo that is mildly fragrant, easy to apply and rinse and soft on your hair and scalp is what we dream to buy. VHerb’s Rose Shampoo is the best shampoo out there. It clears all the dirt and grime and dust and gives you scalp a thorough cleaning. 

Rose Shampoo is packed with vitamins A, B3, C and E. Vitamin A helps to exfoliate, tone and maintain the texture of your hair while B promotes cell growth while vitamin C Protects your hair from getting damaged by the sun. It’s also something your body needs to be healthy. Vitamin E  reduces scalp break down and all of these vitamins help immensely in maintaining our hair.

VHerb’s Rose Shampoo gives your natural hair texture a boost and cleanses excess oil and dirt away. It leaves an amazing after smell and keeps your scalp from getting irritated. VHerb’s Rose Shampoo works for every hair type. It balances the hair’s pH level and keeps your hair healthy. 

One of the main things we need from a shampoo is that it doesn’t make our hair frizzy, controls oily scalp, promotes hair growth, rejuvenates hair follicles and hydrates and soothes itchy and irritated scalp. VHerb’s Rose Shampoo does all of this and enhances the shine and texture of your hair. 

It’s extremely important to choose hair care products carefully so as to not damage your hair.  It’s important to set a hair care routine to maintain that shine and texture and silkiness of your hair. VHerb’s Rose Shampoo is the best product which suits all hair types. Choose to nurture your hair better by using  VHerb’s Rose Shampoo. It’ll be the best decision you’ll make.

Peppermint and Lemon Bathing Soap

Bathing feels like a chore sometimes. But light a few scented candles, put on your favourite music and open the pack of the new soap you bought which smelled fantastic and bathing doesn’t seem like a chore anymore. It’s important to choose a soap which compliments your skin type and doesn’t cause irritation or any side effects. We need to stop using strong scented and chemical filled soaps. It’s better to use mild scented and chemical free soaps which cleanses your skin without making it dry or destroying its natural texture.

VHerb’s Peppermint and Lemon Bathing Soap is one the best soaps to use. Filled with the tenderness of coconut oil and  glycerine, it cleanses the skin and doesn’t let it become dry. It contains castor oil, peppermint essential oil and  lemon essential oil which gives the soap its initial scented base and nutritional value.

Peppermint is a great antibacterial and antiseptic agent. It reduces acne causing inflammation and irritation and helps your skin cool down. These properties are highly beneficial for our skin. So many nutrients are packed in one soap and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Citrus helps reduce acne and inflammation caused by it. Peppermint with its antibacterial properties helps your skin to ease irritation. We need soaps that appeal to our sense of smell. While it’s important to use a soap that works for your skin, it’s important for it to smell good as well. The scent of freshly squeezed lemon and crushed mint is very refreshing and gives our skin an energy boost

VHerb’s carefully added Lemon essential oil to their soap which increased the benefits of the soap. Lemon is Full of Citrus, Vitamin C and antioxidants. It greatly reduces inflammation and has antifungal properties. It opens the pore and helps in lightening the skin. Lemon combined with peppermint in a soap base helps clear out oil on the skin and thus gives you smooth and clear skin.

But don’t worry, all these things won’t take away your skin’s natural smoothness. Coconut oil makes sure that your skin is healthy and hydrated. VHerbs Peppermint and Lemon Soap gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a mild scented soap which is gentle on your skin. Washing your face with this soap will result in your skin looking oil free and refreshed. 

 Did you know lemon has anti aging properties? That makes it even more appealing!. 

Peppermint and Lemon are one of the most beneficial ingredients and  combined in a soap it makes the best natural cleanser. Try out VHerb’s Peppermint and Lemon Bathing soap today and give your skin the love and care it deserves.

Does your Hair Oil Love You ?

Let’s be honest. We’ve all tried millions of things to restore our hair’s natural texture, thickness and stop the neverending hair fall. We’ve tried applying eggs, coconut oil, aloevera, honey, rice water etc to our hair but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work. It makes us think, does my hair oil even love me as much as I love it? 

Even though it’s not easy to care for one’s hair, it’s extremely important that you do. Trying different kinds of hair masks, spas, steaming and treatments are good and well but it deprives your hair of its basic nutrition. 

Oiling your hair with the right type of oil is important. It’s necessary to choose a hair oil which suits your hair type and nourishes it. Not to brag but VHerb’s Rejuvenating Hair oil is the best choice for hair care. VHerb’s Hair Oil consists of a premium mix of Argan oil, Jatamansi oil, Gooseberry, Bhringraj, Jojoba, Malkangni and Mango Bark. This combination of hair oil is the recipe for healthy hair. 

Jojoba oil and Argan oil prevents hair fall, helps strengthen your hair and keeps it moisturised. Argan oil is especially rich in antioxidants which makes your hair softer. This hair oil is a combination oil of different fruits and plants which is highly beneficial for your hair. It moisturises the scalp and nourishes your hair. Jatamansi oil here speeds up your hair growth and gives you lush and thick hair. 

I’ve seen people use expensive hair oils which only further damages one’s hair . VHerb’s Rejuvenating Hair Oil deeply reaches your scalp and provides a coat of this power packed goddess of essential oils. This hair oil helps to greatly restore your hair’s texture, promotes natural hair growth and strengthens it. 

To get all the best nutrients for your hair in one oil is rare.On top of that VHerb’s hair oil is natural and cruelty free. It’s natural hair care remedies are the best to try out. Apply VHerb’s Rejuvenating hair oil twice or thrice a week. For the best results gently massage your scalp with our hair oil. Leave it for 2 hours and wash it off with shampoo and water. 

Hair oils play an important role in our health care regime. As much as we care about our skin, we need to start caring about our hair as well. An unkept scalp becomes dirty with grime and dust. It’s important to clean your scalp and hair thoroughly to keep it clean and healthy. Unkept and unmaintained hair will result in drying of the scalp which leads to dandruff generation and itchiness. To avoid this one needs to oil their hair twice or thrice a week and let it moisturise your scalp and hair before you wash it off. 

To take better care of your hair the best choice you can make is by choosing VHerb’s Rejuvenation Hair Oil. Hair oil which is suitable for all hair types and filled with the greatness of essential oils, it’s the best hair care product in the market. 

Make sure to make your hair a priority in your health care regime and give your scalp the moisturization and care it deserves. Choose VHerb’s Hair Oil to be your Hair Care Pal. We assure you that you’ll love it!

Benefits of Honey Soap

It’s hard to find a soap that can keep your skin from getting dry and hold the moisture without making your skin oily. There are many products out there in the market which advertise their soaps claiming that the customers will get fair and smooth skin. In reality it’s incredibly hard to use soap to get fair skin. Honey based soaps are really amazing when it comes to keeping our skin moisturized. 

Honey with its natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties does wonders for our skin. Initially honey was used to treat burn marks and injuries as well as skin problems. It helps lessen acne and oiliness of your skin. It locks the skin’s moisture and prevents it from getting excessively oily. 

Honey soap with its antiseptic properties acts as a skin cleanser. It deeply cleanses our skin and keeps it nourished after taking a bath. Honey soap works for all skin types usually but it’s even more effective for oily and dry skin types. It hydrates, brightens skin and maintains its natural moisture.

Say goodbye to acne and irritable skin patches. Honey Soap will be the best solution for you if you’ve got itchy skin and acne. Instead of using costly products to treat light scars and infections, try using a Honey based soap. Honey helps lighten scars and is a great natural cleanser.Honey has antimicrobial properties which make it the best choice for a soap. It also has anti-aging properties which reduces skin’s loose texture. It makes one’s skin look plump and healthy. 

One of the most appealing properties of Honey Soaps is that it smells heavenly. The sweet scent of honey is something to die for. Natural Honey Essence is added to the soap base which gives it a sweet smell. Who needs aroma therapy when you’ve got a sweet honey scented soap? Not really but its after shower smell lasts longer than a usual soap and even keeps your skin moisturized. 

We’ve discussed all the pros and cons of Honey Soap. I hope that you get the glowing skin you deserve and treat yourself with only the best products. Take care of your skin and remember honey is your best ally when it comes to skincare.

For softer, hydrated and healthy skin use VHerb’s Honey Soap! Get the best results with the most simple and toxin- free products. Try the Honey Soap today!

5 Ways to Cleanse your Skin before going to Bed

Wash it away

It’s better to wash your face with cold water in the morning as it’ll help you look and feel fresh. Use warm water to clean your face at night as it’ll open the pores and help wash off all the grime, dust and dirt off your face. In conclusion just splash that cold water on your face to cleanse it with ease. The simplest methods are always the most effective. Try it out!

Moisturize all the way

It’s a good habit to moisturize your skin twice a day to prevent acne, blackheads and dry dull skin.

Moisturizers help to keep your skin hydrated which makes it look younger. It protects our skin from the sun and soothes the dry and irritated patches of skin.

It’s important to moisturize your face after you wash it. To maintain your skin’s health and glow you should definitely add moisturizing to your nighttime skincare routine.

Micellar it

Include micellar water in your skin care regime to give your face a hydration boost before bed. The cool liquid eases onto our skin and cleans the dirt, dust and grime all the way from our pores. It leaves our skin hydrated and supple. The after wash effect of micellar water leaves our skin soft and clean. 

Glycerin in the micellar water helps hydrate your skin and guess what, it’s portable and very easy to use.

Pour some micellar water on a piece of cotton or makeup removing pads and pat the liquid down your face. Cleanse your face with it in circular motion and get rid of all the dirt and sweat and grime from your face.

Massage Tool

Massaging tools are preferred by the majority of people in the world. People with skincare routines make it a point to use massaging tools on their face after applying a certain cream or toner. Massaging tools help the lotion reach the pores and moisturize our skin. It helps increase blood circulation, eases your skin and leaves your face feeling massaged and alive. Gua Sha, Face Rollers, Face Massagers, Face Sculpting Rollers are some of the most used and affordable face massaging tools available in the market.

Water? Yes please!

Drinking plenty of water has always been the best and the quickest way to get clear skin. Make it a habit to drink plenty of water before going to be. Water provides our body with the much needed hydration and gives our skin a natural glow. Water will make your bowels move, your cheeks flush and your face glow. It’s the easiest way to cleanse your skin. So versatile! Wash your face with it or drink away your thirst with water. Make drinking water a daily habit.and get that glow you deserve.

Should Face Masks become a part of your daily Skincare Regime?

What’s your skincare routine? Do you use a toner, lotion, moisturizer, serum, lip balm, hydrating cream and face mask to care for your skin everyday? While these skin care products are important and can slow your skin from aging, some products that are harmful are used daily. Products like face masks are very beneficial for your skin but at the same time can cause irritation and inflammation if used regularly.

Face Masks are an essential part of a skincare routine. Face Masks rejuvenate and hydrate our skin making it plush and smooth. A skincare routine is necessary as it helps maintain our skin. It’s best to start your skin care routine at night before you go to bed. The skin can better absorb the nutrients from the products and help nurture your skin. 

Maks are one of the easier ways of relaxing. It tends to your skin’s need for nutrients and water. As beneficial as face masks are for us, it’s important to remember that they are filled with chemicals as well. Using masks daily while you do your skin care routine is harmful for your skin. Masks have useful chemicals that help brighten and hydrate your skin but regular use of these chemicals can damage your skin greatly. 

Nobody wants harsh skin and chemical induced acne. So it’s important to use face masks moderately. We suggest you use Face Mask twice a week during your skin care routine. 

There are so many varieties of face masks out there that it gets hard to choose a favourite. The store aisles gave us a huge collection of face masks to choose from and we ended up buying everything that catches our eye. We understand that masks do wonders for your skin and they smell absolutely amazing. But wearing a lot of masks can drain your skin. To avoid getting rough and dry textured skin you should use masks once or twice a week.

There are so many masks out there. The ultra hydration kind, the lemon kind, pomegranate, charcoal and orange face masks. All of these are very hydrating yet high in chemicals. Despite that, face masks rejuvenate and breathe air into your skin. 

Face Masks are an important part of the beauty and skin care community. A facial never ends without a face mask. To feel energized and refreshed people put on face masks and kick back while it does its magic. You can enjoy the benefits of facemasks and get livelier and younger looking skin. Just Choose a face mask of your liking, apply it and maybe take a nap for the time being and wake up to a healthy and hydrated skin that makes your face look fresh and perky! 

Watermelon Sugar High!

Watermelon Moisturizer 

If we talk about watermelon, all I can remember is a music video where people are relaxing on a beach eating watermelons under the summer sun. I’ll be honest with you, I love watermelons a lot. I mean it’s extremely juicy, healthy and full of antioxidants. What’s not to love?

Doesn’t it feel magical to be out in the sun and relaxing while enjoying a watermelon to your heart’s content. And the energy and fresh feeling we get after that is truly satisfying. The afterglow our skin gets after you overdose on a watermelon is something to look forward to. There’s nothing the fruit lacks! 

But even if we love eating watermelon, it’s not available all year round. That sucks big time but there’s luckily a substitution for it. To get that glow all year round use VHerb’s Watermelon Moisturizer!

It’s packed with Vitamin C, Antioxidants and the goodness of watermelon. 

Vherb’s Watermelon Moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and nurtures it so it won’t get excessively dry. Watermelon is full of antioxidants, citrulline which reduces inflammation and restores your skin’s natural glow. Watermelon is an amazing natural exfoliator and a cleansing agent. It cleanses our skin and gives it a blush like glow. Vherb’s watermelon Moisturizer is your best pal this summer. Protecting you from dull and dry skin, Watermelon Moisturizer keeps your skin cool and hydrated! 

Vherb’s watermelon Moisturizer can be used all year long to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Watermelon has a freshness about it that no other fruit has and guess what, this moisturizer smells amazing! It boosts your skin’s hydration level and makes your skin radiant and bright. It’s one of the best skincare products in the market. Try this summer freshness packed in a moisturizer and help your skin feel alive again! Make this watermelon Moisturizer your skin hydration hero this summer.

Using this Moisturizer feels like relaxing in your room on a hot summer day and feeling revitalized. Feeling your cheeks hurt with the sugar rush as you enjoy a delicious watermelon. VHerb’s new Watermelon Moisturizer reminds you of these blissful days. This moisturizer is full of the summer freshness and its high water content and sweetness gives your skin its much needed energy and keeps it from getting dehydrated and dry. Furthermore you get all the skin essentials in one moisturizer. Choose VHerb’s Watermelon Moisturizer to be your saviour this summer.

Remember to keep your skin cool, alive and hydrated with VHerb’s Watermelon Moisturizer and enhance your skin’s health and restore its natural glow! 

Lemon and Orange Summer Magic

Even though there’s an increasing craze for body washes, soaps are still in fashion and some play their cards to  stick in the Indian markets. Since the talk about how good soaps are has launched, let us tell you a bit about our favorite soap for the harsh summer time!
It’s pretty important to change your soap as per the weather conditions or stick to one that suits your skin in every weather.
So let us introduce you to our summer-favorite Lemon and Orange Soap.

A mix of lemon and orange, the perfect splash of citrus goodness is all your skin needs to have fun in the sun. Oranges are good for the body not only when they are included in your diet, but it works like magic for your skin too! 

We all know how harsh some soaps can be for our skin. On top of that, many soaps contain chemicals that your skin wouldn’t be very happy about. However we know that going for a soap which peels off the natural oils present in your skin is that last thing you’d want in the dry and hot summer. 

Our Lemon and Orange Soap, with its lively scent,  clears out all the toxins from your body and gives you the best bath detox ever! Our soap contains actual orange peel, the peel contains natural oils which makes the skin more soft, smooth, and bright. Lemon, a summer special fruit, is popular for refreshing and doing all the good stuff for your skin like oil control, brightening, toning, and a lot more. 

We all know how relaxing a good bath is and how it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, but are you aware that lemon essential oil plays a good role to reduce stress and anxiety? Lemon essential oil has proven to relieve stress naturally. The scent plays a pleasure whirlwind with the serotonin and dopamine producing cells and increases the flow which makes you more calm and stress-free. 

Being packed with lemon and orange, it makes the soap rich in vitamin C which is your best friend to fight ageing.  

Orange peel and lemon essential oil combined together make it our absolute favourite as it has an amazing fresh fragrance, a sheer citrus dreamland. 

Not all scented soaps are created the same. Our orange soap is only scented with essential oils, which is great for your skin, and also is completely natural as it comes entirely from the peel of the fruit.  

Supermarket scented soaps will always have fragrant oils to make their soaps smell pretty. If you notice closely, the soaps will ‘parfum’ or something similar to fragrance written on the ingredient list. 

At VHerbs, we create all-natural soaps including with no harmful chemicals or added fake fragrance. 

We believe we have our eyes set out for a younger looking, refreshing, and glowing skin. What else would make it a better match rather than our Lemon and Orange Soap? 

To Soap Or Not To Soap?

What is your earliest memory of soap. Is it your mother telling you to clean your hands with soap properly. you asking why is it necessary to wash with soap. After which she explained that it kills germs and keeps you healthy and so on and so forth. No matter how much you protested, she wouldn’t allow you to come to the dinner table unless you lathered your

hands with the soap and were completely clean. Now imagine the same soap that made you feel squeaky clean also robbing your skin of moisture and drying it out. You would think twice about bathing with soap, right?

Why is Soap bad for the skin?

Soaps are salts made from mixing animal or vegetable oils (acid) with Sodium hydroxide NaOH or Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)(base). These salts are basic or alkaline in nature with a pH value of about 9-10 while our skin has an acidic nature with a pH between 5.6 and 5.8. Using soap on your skin increases the pH of our skin harming it.

According to dermatologists the most common skin issues are dry skin or oily skin and most soaps are the leading causes for dryness of skin, so they are bad for your skin. On the other hand, those with oily skin wash their faces many times in a day which causes rebound oiliness (their skin produces even more oil to compensate). it seems like since soaps may change the balance of moisture and oil of your skin, they may harm your skin.

Other chemicals in soaps that aren’t good for your skin:

Surfactants: Surfactants allow the soap to dissolve in water. this mixture help in the cleaning action by surrounding dirt particles and oil and dissolving them in water so that they easily come off with running water. However their action also harms the skin by making it dry and tight.

Detergents: The detergents are made from synthetic materials and are known to also rob the moisture off the skin making it dry and irritable.

Fragrances: Sandalwood, rose, strawberry or aloe Vera you get a soap of whichever flavor you wish, but if you delve deeper, fragrances do more harm than good for the skin and they tend to irritate the skin. Those who find their skin red or itchy after bath should choose a non scented soap.

So to some extent, soaps are harmful for the skin especially for those with dry and sensitive skin. The normal pH of our skin is slightly acidic and soaps being alkaline, increase skin’s pH which is not good. Any soap which lathers has more surfactants and detergents thus not suitable for dry skin. For dry skin most dermatologists recommend ‘Lye free cleansers’ or ‘chemical free soaps’ which do not lather that much and clean the skin as effectively, because the lather that we feel makes us cleaner, actually strips the moisture off our skin. it is also good for people with dry skin to use medicated soaps containing salicylic acid (a hydroxyl benzoic crystalline acid that preserves skin surface). Even people with normal skin who can use any soap should cease to use it after they turn 40 since the skin starts ageing then.

So are soaps bad?

No, there is a change in the way soaps are manufactured today and they are made with considerations for all skin types.  But different soaps are suitable for different skin types.  So if your skin feels tight, dry, itchy or red after bathing then your soap doesn’t suit you.

Types of soaps and their properties:

Regular soap: We don’t think twice about buying soaps when we have a fairly normal skin, we may be loyal to one brand of soap or would change it frequently. Most soaps contain fragrances, detergents or other chemicals which may clean our skin but may also take away the moisture from it.

Glycerin: Glycerin is a byproduct of soap making process which is removed by the manufacturers to create other products like lotions. Glycerin soaps are generally translucent and help your skin absorb the moisture in the air, keeping  skin soft. Glycerin soaps are excellent for those with dry skin and sensitive skin and for those with conditions like Psoriasis (a disease with white scaly patches caused by allergy to substances that occur naturally in the body). However those who have oily skin may find that glycerin soaps may block the pores of their skin.

Mild Soaps:  These soaps contain moisturizing cleansers that clean the skin without taking away the moisture of the skin. Often these mild soaps contain the words ‘milk’, ‘cream’ and ‘lotion’. These are more expensive than regular soaps but are good for those with sensitive or dry skin.

Anti bacterial soaps: Anti-bacterial soaps are bad because they cause the skin to become excessively dry, but they can be used when the person is suffering from some infection or when you have been somewhere that is unhygienic. Anti bacterial soaps contain high amount of Triclosan (actually a phenol!) that is known to have many side effects on the body. Recent research also shows that antibacterial soaps and hand washes are not more effective than the regular warm water and soap; they also are blamed for creating viruses which are resistant to anti bacterial soaps.

Ways to make the soap work for you!

Some basic rules for healthy skin:

  1. Choose a soap that suits your skin type.
  2. You may require separate soaps for your body and your face. Since some people may have an oily face type and body of normal skin type.
  3. Don’t wash your face too many times in the day; it will only dry your skin.
  4. Choose a soap with glycerin (unless if you have oily skin) or with moisturizing cream.
  5. What about the alternatives?


There are herbal or organic natural soaps that are available in the market. These claim to be devoid of harmful chemicals. These are also quite expensive. However, before you buy these, check the labels of the soaps to ensure that they are made from natural ingredients. Also Herbal soaps may contain extra ingredients which are good for the skin but we must remember that it is the basic surfactants that cause the problem and just adding a few ingredients will not make them good. Buying a Herbal or organic soap from a trusted brand is necessary to ensure better results.

Body Washes:

Body Washes with different flavors and excellent marketing have also become quite a rage in the market but the question remains, are they better than soap bars. Well there are a few advantages of liquid soaps or body washes, they remain hygienic as no bacteria grows on it after use (soap bars are infamous for that), they are convenient and the most important, most of body washes do not dry your skin. These are also moisturizing which makes it better for your skin. The drawbacks are that they are expensive and do not last as long as soaps.

With so many insights into soaps, soap shopping will be a more thorough affair, we hope!