Does your Hair Oil Love You ?

Let’s be honest. We’ve all tried millions of things to restore our hair’s natural texture, thickness and stop the neverending hair fall. We’ve tried applying eggs, coconut oil, aloevera, honey, rice water etc to our hair but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work. It makes us think, does my hair oil even love me as much as I love it? 

Even though it’s not easy to care for one’s hair, it’s extremely important that you do. Trying different kinds of hair masks, spas, steaming and treatments are good and well but it deprives your hair of its basic nutrition. 

Oiling your hair with the right type of oil is important. It’s necessary to choose a hair oil which suits your hair type and nourishes it. Not to brag but VHerb’s Rejuvenating Hair oil is the best choice for hair care. VHerb’s Hair Oil consists of a premium mix of Argan oil, Jatamansi oil, Gooseberry, Bhringraj, Jojoba, Malkangni and Mango Bark. This combination of hair oil is the recipe for healthy hair. 

Jojoba oil and Argan oil prevents hair fall, helps strengthen your hair and keeps it moisturised. Argan oil is especially rich in antioxidants which makes your hair softer. This hair oil is a combination oil of different fruits and plants which is highly beneficial for your hair. It moisturises the scalp and nourishes your hair. Jatamansi oil here speeds up your hair growth and gives you lush and thick hair. 

I’ve seen people use expensive hair oils which only further damages one’s hair . VHerb’s Rejuvenating Hair Oil deeply reaches your scalp and provides a coat of this power packed goddess of essential oils. This hair oil helps to greatly restore your hair’s texture, promotes natural hair growth and strengthens it. 

To get all the best nutrients for your hair in one oil is rare.On top of that VHerb’s hair oil is natural and cruelty free. It’s natural hair care remedies are the best to try out. Apply VHerb’s Rejuvenating hair oil twice or thrice a week. For the best results gently massage your scalp with our hair oil. Leave it for 2 hours and wash it off with shampoo and water. 

Hair oils play an important role in our health care regime. As much as we care about our skin, we need to start caring about our hair as well. An unkept scalp becomes dirty with grime and dust. It’s important to clean your scalp and hair thoroughly to keep it clean and healthy. Unkept and unmaintained hair will result in drying of the scalp which leads to dandruff generation and itchiness. To avoid this one needs to oil their hair twice or thrice a week and let it moisturise your scalp and hair before you wash it off. 

To take better care of your hair the best choice you can make is by choosing VHerb’s Rejuvenation Hair Oil. Hair oil which is suitable for all hair types and filled with the greatness of essential oils, it’s the best hair care product in the market. 

Make sure to make your hair a priority in your health care regime and give your scalp the moisturization and care it deserves. Choose VHerb’s Hair Oil to be your Hair Care Pal. We assure you that you’ll love it!

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