Lemon and Orange Summer Magic

Even though there’s an increasing craze for body washes, soaps are still in fashion and some play their cards to  stick in the Indian markets. Since the talk about how good soaps are has launched, let us tell you a bit about our favorite soap for the harsh summer time!
It’s pretty important to change your soap as per the weather conditions or stick to one that suits your skin in every weather.
So let us introduce you to our summer-favorite Lemon and Orange Soap.

A mix of lemon and orange, the perfect splash of citrus goodness is all your skin needs to have fun in the sun. Oranges are good for the body not only when they are included in your diet, but it works like magic for your skin too! 

We all know how harsh some soaps can be for our skin. On top of that, many soaps contain chemicals that your skin wouldn’t be very happy about. However we know that going for a soap which peels off the natural oils present in your skin is that last thing you’d want in the dry and hot summer. 

Our Lemon and Orange Soap, with its lively scent,  clears out all the toxins from your body and gives you the best bath detox ever! Our soap contains actual orange peel, the peel contains natural oils which makes the skin more soft, smooth, and bright. Lemon, a summer special fruit, is popular for refreshing and doing all the good stuff for your skin like oil control, brightening, toning, and a lot more. 

We all know how relaxing a good bath is and how it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, but are you aware that lemon essential oil plays a good role to reduce stress and anxiety? Lemon essential oil has proven to relieve stress naturally. The scent plays a pleasure whirlwind with the serotonin and dopamine producing cells and increases the flow which makes you more calm and stress-free. 

Being packed with lemon and orange, it makes the soap rich in vitamin C which is your best friend to fight ageing.  

Orange peel and lemon essential oil combined together make it our absolute favourite as it has an amazing fresh fragrance, a sheer citrus dreamland. 

Not all scented soaps are created the same. Our orange soap is only scented with essential oils, which is great for your skin, and also is completely natural as it comes entirely from the peel of the fruit.  

Supermarket scented soaps will always have fragrant oils to make their soaps smell pretty. If you notice closely, the soaps will ‘parfum’ or something similar to fragrance written on the ingredient list. 

At VHerbs, we create all-natural soaps including with no harmful chemicals or added fake fragrance. 

We believe we have our eyes set out for a younger looking, refreshing, and glowing skin. What else would make it a better match rather than our Lemon and Orange Soap? 

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