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Almond oil is one among the many miracle oils that truly help in enhancing the complexion and dealing with a host of skin problems.

1.Makes Skin Healthier

Almond oil improves the complexion greatly and imparts a warm glow to the skin. It completely nourishes the skin, making it smoother and softer.

Why It Works – Almond oil is enriched with vitamins E, A, and B. It seals the moisture in the skin and also improves absorption, thus ensuring that the pores are not blocked.

2. Reduces Dark Circles

A sure shot solution to get rid of dark circles is by massaging your under eyes with almond oil before you go to bed.

Why It Works – The vitamin E in the almond oil will rejuvenate the skin, and with regular use, lighten the skin under the eyes. Regular use of almond oil will also reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes.

3. Delays Signs Of Aging

Applying almond oil on your skin regularly will make your skin feel younger and fresher.

Why It Works – The goodness of vitamins that almond oil is blessed with makes it a blessing to the skin. The vitamin E and fatty acids reverse and prevent the signs of aging, making it capable enough to renew skin cells and invigorating the skin, therefore shrinking the wrinkles.

4. Removes Impurities And Dead Skin Cells
The skin tends to look dull due to the accumulation of dead skin cells that originate due to external factors like pollution, dirt, sweat, etc.

5. A Good Solution For Psoriasis And Eczema

Almond oil is a time-tested remedy for all kinds of skin troubles like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It soothes irritation and relaxes the skin.

Why It Works? – We have already established that almond oil is a great emollient. Its moisturizing properties enable it to cure skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

6. Reduces Tan
Almond oil is a natural sunscreen and has SPF 5. It not only reduces the likeliness of tanning and sunburn but also reverses the effects of the sun.

Why It Works? – Reiterating the fact that almonds have the skin-enriching vitamin E, it is this vitamin that nourishes and shields the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

7. Substitutes For Hand And Foot Cream

Almond oil is a light oil, and therefore, is less greasy compared to other oils. It is a great substitute for hand and foot creams. It smoothens the skin and makes it baby soft.

Why It Works – It gets easily absorbed in the skin owing to its lightness. Almond oil smells so good, and its zinc content soothes rough skin and heals cracked heels.

8. An Ideal Makeup Remover
Almond oil acts as an ideal makeup remover as it is lighter than and not as greasy as the other available options.

Why It Works? – Almond oil effectively opens up the pores and ensures that all traces of makeup are properly removed. Moreover, it averts the occurrence of acne and pimples and can be used for all skin types.

9. Treats Chapped Lips

Almond oil shall come to your rescue when you want those soft, pink lips to die for. You can make your very own lip balm to make use of its goodness. Every time your lips feel rough and chapped, you can just roll on a little, and you will be good to go.

Why It Works? – Almond oils rich vitamin content and the fact that is a great moisturizer makes it soften the lips and impart a beautiful natural pink color.

10. Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Are those fine lines and crow’s-feet lowering your confidence? Pamper your skin with a weekend almond oil massage. Getting rid of wrinkles is one of the most known benefits of almond oil for skin. Massaging your skin with this oil will help in improving the blood circulation and tighten your dull, aged skin.

Why It Works – This facial massage repairs your skin and eliminates wrinkles and fine lines with regular use. It also moisturizes and nourishes dry skin.



The Benefits of Bathing Every Day for Health

  • A shower every day is common. But in some other countries that have 4 seasons, bathing activities may be carried out only once a week, or every few days. Fortunately for those of you who have a habit of bathing every day because of the health benefits, it turned out really great. Bath using cold water is also highly recommended, rather than using warm water.
    Cool the body
  • Excess body heat can cause health problems, such as heat stroke and gastrointestinal problems. For children, excess body heat causes chickenpox disease and bleeding in the nose.
  • A bath can help cool the body and prevent you from the disease.
  • Clean the dirt
  • A bath can clean the dirt that clogs pores in the surface of the skin. Clean pores allowing the skin to breathe and prevent skin diseases such as eczema and hives.
  • Relieve stress
  • When you stress, muscle cramps and become stiff. Bath relaxes our muscles, and thus it can reduce stress.
  • Cure depression
  • Specifically for depression, then shower with warm water will ease your suffering. Bath has a positive psychological effect on the mind.
  • Increase energy
  • When you wake up in the morning, usually will feel weak and lethargic. Bath with cold water will make you excited and bursting energy.




1) INGREDIENTS The very best reason to use handmade soap is the ingredients. Typically handmade soap is made of vegetable oils and butter that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that are essential to healthy skin. I can’t count how many times customers have told me that handmade soap has not only improved their skin but changed their lives by relieving them of itchiness, dryness and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Everyone wants healthy skin and switching to daily use of handmade soap is the best place to start. If you need help finding the right soap for your needs, don’t hesitate to ask your soapmaker questions. We take pride in our ingredients and are excited to share our knowledge with you.

2) REAL SOAP It is commonly called soap, but that mass-produced commercial stuff that you get at the grocery store is anything but. You have an array of personal cleansers to choose from that are labeled as deodorant soap, body bars, body washes and my personal favorite (eyes roll) the beauty bar. These are just chemical cocktails made of detergents and downright disturbing synthetic ingredients that dehydrate and age skin, cause allergic reactions and have been linked to various forms of cancer. Handmade soap is the real deal and one of the most appealing aspects is that harmful and unnecessary ingredients are NOT added to make it.

3) GLYCERIN Glycerin isn’t added to a handmade soap recipe – it’s created during the soap making process! Glycerin is a precious emollient that softens and maintains water balance by attracting moisture to your skin. It is proven to be so beneficial to your skin that it is extracted from commercial ‘soap’ and reserved for higher priced body care, hygiene and pharmaceutical products. Handmade soap retains all of its natural glycerin glory and produces a rich and luxurious lather that is unparalleled to any other.

4) NO HARM When you purchase handmade soap from your local soapmaker, you can be pretty certain that no humans were harmed, impoverished or subjected to sweatshop working conditions in the process. No communities or natural habitats were laid to waste by the runoff from some large chemical factory and we don’t use lab animals to test our products. I think I speak for all handmade soapmakers when I proclaim to you that we have the utmost respect for the earth and all of its creatures. Reverence to a kinder way of living is a big part of why we do what we do.

5) VARIETY If you feel that variety is the spice of life then handmade soap won’t disappoint! No matter your skin type or personal preferences, there is a soapmaker out there who are creating just what your skin and senses crave at bath time. Not all handmade soap is alike and there is an infinite number of recipes and flavors for you to choose from. Have fun shopping around or chatting it up with a soapmaker next time you visit your local craft fair or farmers market. We are dedicated to helping you discover the joy of happy and healthy skin just the way you like it.



Neem is a well-known Indian herb that is used in several beauty and skin care products. The antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties present in neem is a perfect remedy for several skin problems like rashes, allergy, and irritation. Neem leaves are used to make face washes and creams for oily skin that are prone to acne. The face packs and face masks made with neem powder, neem leaves or neem oil are beneficial to get rid of blemishes, pimples and cure other skin infections.

Neem is surely an ayurvedic medicine employed for hair and skincare. The benefits of neem in pores and skin ended up being utilized rice when the foliage was put together throughout difficulties to look at the bathroom. Neem often its will often bark or foliage usually are healthful for your pores and skin in addition to locks. Neem is known as a classic blood purifier agent. Neem is actually eaten and also employed to have a perfect appearance and a healthful pore and skin by simply trying to keep pores and skin conditions out. Neem can be used since skincare element throughout creams, gels, pores, and skin in addition to skin powders or lotions. Neem is actually anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, non-allergic, anti-viral in addition to blood purifier.

Neem or Indian Lilac is one of the wonderful natural herbs that have both its leaves and stems equally important. It is antibacterial as well as the antifungal substance that will remove dandruff from your hair or eradicate pimples right on your face. We are going to discuss the beauty benefits as well as the health benefits of neem. You can also find many tablets made with the extract of neem and is a really beneficial variety of skin and hair issues. Also, your entire body system will be healthy with the neem as a natural ingredient. We would know more about the benefits of neem in this article.
Subsequent usually are neem benefits intended for skincare

Beauty benefits of neem

  • Neem leaves paste for face cures acne. It also soothes in addition to moisturizes dry or crumbled pores and skin.
  • Neem is advantageously intended for each day in addition to slimy pores and skin. It truly is thought of which neem is actually the very best pores and skin face cleaner.
  • Pores and skin rashes in addition to scars could be relieved by applying neem oil.
  • Cleansing face using neem removes respite from redness in addition to scratching pores and skin, lightens scar problems.
  • Neem since skincare treatments cures yeast or bacterial pores and skin transmissions.
  • Neem oil cures conditions similar to chicken pox, scabies in addition to measles. Neem oil can be used as a tonic to avoid scratching in addition to sores.
  • Zit predisposed pores and skin has found out the advantages of neem in pores and skin by simply ts kitchen appliance.
  • Neem besides clears your skin layer by bad spots but cleans away darker destinations of the bad spots. And so, employ neem intended for skincare and appearance wonderful!

Uses of neem

  • Neem leaves can be chewed daily helps to get rid of constipation, eliminates toxins from the body, improves metabolism and cleans the impurities in the blood. Finally, it gives a clear skin.
    Best neem hair packs
  • Neem leaves can be boiled in water and added to bath water. It helps in getting rid of bad odor from the body and cleans bacterial deposits in folds of the skin like neck, groin and under the knees.
  • Boiled and cooled neem leave water helps in curing different types of allergies of the skin.
  • Neem water can be used to make face masks and face packs which are helpful for acne and pimples. Neem leaves, neem powder and neem oil are also used in preparing antibacterial face packs.
  • Neem is also useful in healing small cuts, burns, and bruises.
  • Neem leaves can be dried and powdered and placed in small pouches in cupboards to remove moths and insects attacking and giving fragrance to the clothes

Benefits of Neem

  • Neem is an excellent skin toner that helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in providing a lightening color to a dark spot caused by skin tan, acne and stretch marks. Boiled and cooled neem leaves water can be stored and used daily at night and in the morning to make the skin look soft and glowing.
  • A face pack made by using neem powder and grapeseed oil is a very effective remedy for dry skin. It prevents the skin from becoming rough and dry.
  • Neem is an excellent remedy for skin problems like blackheads, large pores, and whiteheads.
  • This pack can be prepared by grinding dry orange peels and neem leaves into a pulp and adding soy milk honey and yogurt in it. This pack needs to be applied thrice a week for effective results.
  • Neem is a good moisturizing agent that helps to keep the skin soft and silky. A decoction of neem leaf can be used to cure small wounds and pimples. A skin infection of any type can be treated by using neem leaf paste mixed with turmeric powder.
  • Acne can be treated by using the water in which neem leaves have been boiled until the water becomes green in color. The green water can be stored and used daily in baths to prevent acne.
    Homemade neem face packs

Health benefits of neem oil

  • Sandalwood and neem face pack clears the skin by reducing the bacterial infection. This pack can be prepared by making a paste with neem and sandalwood powder and rose water.
  • Neem and gram flour face pack is an ideal pack for oily skin. Make a paste of gram flour, milk and neem powder and apply it on the face. Wash with water after 20 minutes.
  • Neem and honey face pack is helpful in treating acne. Dry acne prone skin looks dull. This pack helps to refresh the tired look of the dry skin. Mix honey and neem powder and apply it on the affected areas after cleansing the area.
  • Neem and papaya face pack is an ideal pack that can be used to impart a glow to the skin by whitening the skin.
  • Neem and Fuller’s earth face pack is good for absorbing oil from the oily skin. Prepare a paste with neem, fuller’s earth, and coconut water and apply it on the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
  • Neem and tomato pulp face pack moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated. It refreshes the face by clearing pimples and blackheads.
  • Neem face scrub made with tulsi, neem leaves, Multani mite, and honey makes an effective face scrub that helps in clearing dead skin cells.
  • Neem face pack made with whipped cream turmeric and neem leaves powder is an excellent pack for oily skin. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of turmeric also help to prevent other skin problems.

Benefits of neem for skin care

Removing pigments Skin care tips for teenage girls
You must be suffering from pigments all over your skin layer especially your face. This can make your skin really unattractive with the dark color spots. It is time for you to stay gorgeous in all occasions. You need to apply the paste of neem leaves over your face where you have issues with pigmentations. This paste should be kept for 20 minutes and then remove it.

Removes dark circles
These days we are too much exposed to screens such as computer screen, laptop, television, and smartphones. This gives enormous pressure to your eyes. As a result of strain, we end up with the trouble of dark circles. Even when your entire face is fair and attractive, the dark circle all over your face will make you look really dull and unattractive. In order to remove dark circles, you have to take the paste of neem and apply it all over you are under eye ring. Keep for some time and then wash away with lukewarm water.

Curing ringworm infection
Some individuals have a tendency to get the ringworm infection now and then. Their skin is too much prone to such infection. All you have to do is drink the juice of neem leaves daily in the morning in empty stomach. This will restrict the fungus or the fungal growth on your skin. Alternatively, you can take a bath with water that is extracted from the neem leaves.



  • It can be used as a cleanser.
  • It can be used as a toner.
  • It is a wonderful skin moisturizer.
  • Diluted version makes the hands smooth.
  • It helps to retain the skin water.
  • It plays an important role in cell maturation.
  • It cures oily skin problems like pimples, acne, and blackhead.
  • Its nature allows it to be used on baby and sensitive skin.
  • Glycerin is non-toxic in nature, no wonder it finds the way to so many uses.
  • It helps to retain the water in the skin.
  • Wash your feet well and apply glycerine on your cracked heels. It works like magic in healing
  • your cracked heels overnight.
  • It acts as a sunscreen to some extent.
  • It removes clogged impurities and helps in lightening skin shade.
  • Glycerin also gives the skin a soft and supple feel.
  • Apply a coat of glycerine on your nails after removing nail paint. It prevents them from looking dried up.
  • Apply raw glycerine directly on scars that are especially caused burns, acne or wounds to get rid of them. Also read: Remedies To Get Rid Of Body Acne
  • People with dry skin can apply raw or diluted glycerine on the skin. It is way better than those costly creams and parlor treatments.
  • It can be used for skin lightening.
  • It fills up the gaps due to the wrinkles thus makes the skin look younger.



I’ve always had super sensitive skin… Always prone to some form of reaction from insect bites, to certain plants, some products and so on. If there was some kind of contamination in water or the like, you bet my skin would flare up in hives or some form of reaction.

When I moved back to Nigeria, it became a constant battle trying to keep allergic reactions at bay, and discovering/rediscovering new ones… This is probably one major reason why I’m so OCD. During one of such flare-ups, my mother advised me to use palm oil on the affected part every night for a few days. Being all “modernized and western”, I kind of brushed this off as some old folks tale and settled for some western made product. After seeing no signs of improvement, I got desperate and tried the palm oil.

…I was completely amazed!… Not only did my hives completely clear off in about 3 days, but my skin was so beautifully moisturized, soft, supple and smooth like no other product has ever been able to do before. So being me, I started to research on this miraculous cure and its other benefits, and this is what I discovered:

Red Palm Oil Benefits on Skin
Red palm oil is an edible vegetable oil that has long been used for cooking in Africa (as well as Southeast Asia and parts of Brazil); as well as one of the main ingredients used in the African black soap (Dudu Osun), and some other commercialized soaps, cosmetics, shampoos, and conditioners.
It is made from the flesh of the fruit of the oil palms primarily found in Africa, Southeast Asia and some parts of South America. It is a very rich source of Vitamin A & Vitamin E and is high in saturated fats, which causes it to solidify at room temperature (that’s an air-conditioned room in these parts of Africa… lol).

Its Vitamin A is gotten from carotenes, especially beta-carotene, which gives it a dark reddish color. This is the same thing that gives tomatoes and carrots their color, but palm oil contains a lot more beta-carotene than either one of these foods. It contains 2 forms of Vitamin E, tocopherols and tocotrienols. The red palm oil should not be mistaken for Palm kernel oil, which is gotten from the kernel seed of the oil palm and does not have as many health benefits.

Apart from the numerous benefits palm oil has on your health, it is great for your skin and hair. Its many of such benefits include:

Its deep moisturizing properties leave skin feeling soft, smooth and supple, so it’s especially great for those with dry skin. It contains re-fattening agents that help to restore hair and skin’s natural oils. It is also great for the treatment of skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks, and scars.
It fights against skin aging, by protecting the skin from free radicals, toxins and harmful UV radiation that cause fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s great for acne (…yeah, I know… sounds unthinkable if you have oily acne-prone skin). Apparently, it contains antibacterial that fights acne-causing bacteria.

It is found in shampoos and soaps for their cleansing ability to remove oil and dirt from hair and skin.
Its vitamin A & E content make it ideal for nourishing hair roots and maintaining a healthy scalp and is especially great for those with dry scalp problems.

It contains tocotrienol, which has been linked to hair regrowth and thickening by replenishing and protecting the actual hair follicle. It softens hair, helps to improve its elasticity and adds shine to dry, dull hair.

How to Use It:

For Skin
In my opinion, and from my experience, the best way to get the benefits of red palm oil topically on your skin is to apply it on affected areas, or all over your body (wherever you need its benefit) at night.

Be careful with clothing and sheets, as it leaves a reddish-orange tint on everything it touches (don’t worry, this can be washed off, but might be difficult with clothing). I usually place old Ankara fabric (a type of African fabric) or any old sheets, over my bed sheets and pillowcases to avoid them getting stained when I sleep. Let it sit overnight (…Yes, it might feel gross).

Wash it off in the morning with your regular shower, and be amazed at how lovely and supple your skin feels. If you are using it to treat some form of skin allergy or ailment, allow for a few days to see results. I usually start seeing results immediately, with my hives practically cleared by day 3.

For Hair
Because of its thick, hard-to-wash-off consistency, it is best to use red palm oil as a pre-poo (pre-shampoo). For mine, I mix equal quantities of palm oil and Jamaican black castor oil, with about 5 drops of tea tree oil. I saturate my scalp and hair with it and leave under a shower cap for at least an hour (sometimes overnight).

I wash my hair as normal with a sulfate-free shampoo, or moisturizing shampoo (if clarifying), and follow up with a deep conditioner.

This method is great especially for those with the dry scalp that flakes. It leaves my hair soft and shiny, and my scalp feels clean and moisturized (no need for oiling).

I love this oil! One beauty secret here to stay; my only con to palm oil is that it can feel gross and uncomfortable… Then again, I’m slightly OCD J. The benefits though by far trump this downside, and it’s not something I use every day, so I will get used to it.



Clarifying moisturizer: Mix a few drops of coconut water with a few drops of lemon juice. The coconut will hydrate your skin, and lemon will clear and brighten it.

Elbow and knee bleacher: “If your elbows and knees appear dark, simply rub them with half of a lemon,” says Patrice Coleman, owner of DaBlot Beauty. “It’s like magic!”

Blackhead treatment: It may sound too good to be true, but because lemons are antibacterial, they can help treat acne. Just slice a lemon, and squeeze the juice on your face. Your blackheads will start to fade before you know it.

Cleansing wipes: “I like to mix a couple of drops of lemon and tea tree essential oil in about 6 ounces of distilled water. I recommend it as a toner or for use with cotton pads as a cleansing wipe for problematic skin,” says Becky Sturm, founder of StormSister Spatique.

Teeth whitener: Mix baking soda and lemon juice, and apply it to your teeth with a clean Q-tip. Then, use your toothbrush to scrub your teeth and rinse. It’s way cheaper than going to your dentist’s office.

Canker sore treatment: Sturn also uses a few drops of the lemon essential oil on her canker sores to help them heal faster.

Skin brightener: Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so they can help brighten and lighten your skin when used over time. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals and boosting collagen production, says Marina Peredo, M.D., a dermatologist. That means it can help lighten age spots, dark spots, or a fake tan has gone wrong. Remember to wear SPF when using lemon juice on your skin, though, since the citrus fruit can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays.

Shine eliminator: Lemon is great for reducing excess oil.

Lip exfoliator: Put a little lemon juice on your lips before bedtime, and wash it off in the morning to help remove dead skin cells and dried skin. One caveat: “Obviously, if you already have severely chapped lips that have any cuts, do not try this,” says Gary Goldfaden, M.D., a dermatologist.

Nail strengthener: Have you been getting too many gel manicures? Make a mixture of your favorite cooking oil (try olive oil) with lemon juice, and soak your nails. This is a good practice if your nails are dry and brittle, but it’s also a great way to help fix nails that have yellowed.

Hair Lightener: Score dye-free DIY highlights with lemon juice. Apply it before you expose your hair to sunlight to score a sun-kissed color. The lemon juice can also help treat a dry scalp and dandruff, so apply it liberally.

Handmade Soap: Too Many Benefits to Reap


Of late, the handmade soaps are gaining good popularity in the market. Thanks to the number of benefits these soaps offer to the users. Also, the non-organic soaps available in the supermarket and other stores offer worrying effects, which made the people switch to the handmade soap shop to get natural products. Those who face skin allergies and skin irritation are now taking resort to natural products. Buying handmade soap online at an authentic place can give your soaps with rich moisturizing effects and thus add good cleansing effects. The homemade soaps are known to have organic plant cleaning features that help in creating a smooth softening lather that retains good moisture in it.

This adds up the benefits of keeping all the ailments and side effects at bay which you can face while using the chemical based soaps.  The ingredients used in making homemade soaps include vegetable oil along with glycerin, which together gives the best healing effects making your skin and face smooth. The best part of the handmade soaps is the fact that you can even make these soaps at home. All you need to do is to gather the required ingredients and follow certain simple methods to make the same. However, there are credible handmade soap suppliers in the market whom you can rely on and get the same to reap the best benefits. After all, these soaps do not cost a fortune. To buy handmade soap online.


Would you like to use a soap that has many other benefits apart from improving your skin health? It is the lemongrass soap we are talking about!

The benefits it offers are immense, and it tops the list of must-use soaps. Would you like to know more about it? Continue reading!

Table Of Contents

Lemongrass Soap

Lemongrass is a plant aboriginal to India and various other places in Asia. It has long striped leaves with jagged edges and emits a strong lemony scent. There are 50 varieties of Lemongrass.

It is extensively used in multi-cuisine recipes. The main ingredient of lemongrass is Citral, which is well known for its use in perfumery. Lemongrass is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and fungicidal. It is also used in natural products like essential oil formulas, handmade soaps, spa products and natural skin care products.

How To Make Lemongrass Soap?

Lemongrass soaps are mainly made by the cold process method to retain their natural properties. The soap is also blended with other herbs and essential oils for different skin types. Now, let us have a look below to find out the benefits that Lemongrass has in store for us.

Benefits Of Lemongrass Soap

1. Treats Pimples:

Lemongrass soap acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent, which means it is beneficial for pimple/acne prone skin (1) . Use it regularly for better results.

2. Beneficial For Skin:

Lemongrass acts like a toner, minimizing pores of the skin and toning the tissues and muscles. It reduces wrinkles, so use the soap for a toned and clear complexion.

3. Improves Hair Health:

Some soap bars are exclusively made for hair cleansing. Lemongrass soap, when combined with various essential or carrier oils, makes a perfect blend for the hair. You can combine lemongrass soap with oils like that of eucalyptus, neem, and camphor oil, to create a perfect blend for lustrous cleansed hair. These oils mainly are for therapeutic uses, especially to avoid hair lice and scalp infections. You can have your homemade shampoo soaps customised as per your skin type for better results.

4. Relieves Stress:

Lemongrass has a calming effect; thus, bathing with lemongrass soap bar blended with lavender essential oil is the best spa experience one could ever have.

5. Can Help Prevent Insects:

Citronellal, one of the chemicals in lemongrass, is also a mild insecticide. Though it cannot be relied upon to prevent dangerous mosquito bites, it does prevent some insect bites. You can also place a few herbal soaps in your cupboards to avoid insects.

6. For Animals:

Using lemongrass soap for animals particularly prevents ticks and fleas. It is available in the form of liquid soap with other blends. For those who have pets can opt for lemongrass liquid/soap.

7. As A Hand Sanitizer:

What better than to use lemongrass hand soap instead of a hand sanitizer! Lemongrass contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help kill bacteria (2). This safe for children as well.

8. Helps Reduce Cellulite:

Using lemongrass essential oil soap can help you minimize cellulite bumps. Massage the soap well into the skin. Thereafter, brush the skin gently using a body brush to finish with a final rinse.

9. Helps Prevent Body Odour:

Using lemongrass soap on a regular basis will help those who are suffering from poor body odour and excessive sweating. You will have to be a little patient until the results to show up.

Goat Milk

When it comes to all natural soaps with amazing benefits, goat milk soap tops the list. It is made of pure goat milk along with certain other natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, etc., which makes it an excellent alternative to regular synthetic soaps. Want to know how this handcrafted soap can give you a beauty boost? Read on to know more:

Goat Milk Soap Benefits

Our bathing soap does much more than just cleansing our body. And when it comes to goat milk soap, you can expect a lot more!

1. Cleanses Gently Yet Deeply

Goat milk soaps are handcrafted bar soaps that contain no harsh detergents or harmful chemical compounds. The lactic acid component of pure goat milk is known to play a key role in cleansing our skin by eliminating impurities. It also contains alpha hydroxy acids that break down the bonds between dead cells and remove the dull surface layer of the skin to give the skin a squeaky clean appearance. Moreover, these soaps are rich in natural ingredients, which work gently without causing excessive dryness.

2. Gives Healthy And Nourished Skin

Goat milk is packed with vitamins, such as A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, E, etc., and minerals, such as zinc, copper, iron, selenium, etc. Apart from that it also includes fatty acids, amino acids, citric acid, antioxidants and enzymes. All these are needed not just for our body but are also important for our skin. However, the best part is that goat milk can penetrate the surface layer of the skin fast and provide each of our tissues sufficient amounts of nutrients. In short, regular use of goat milk soap can feed the skin and nourish it from within.

3. Keeps The Skin Soft And Moisturized

Goat milk itself is an emollient or natural moisturizer that gets absorbed by the skin instantly and creates a moisture barrier to keep it soft, smooth and supple for a longer period of time. It is loaded with proteins, fatty acids and glycerine, which contribute to its super hydrating and moisturizing properties. Conversely, the creamy texture of the soap gives a luxurious softness by penetrating the upper layer of the skin and reaching the cracks and gaps formed between the cells quite easily.

4. Prevents Premature Aging

Being rich in powerful antioxidants, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, goat milk can keep our body free from the oxidative damages caused by free radicals. It also eliminates the layer of dead cells from the surface layer of our skin and reveals the new cell layers underneath. Both of these result into delayed aging and getting rid of premature signs of aging like the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and so on.

5. Keeps Skin Acne-Free

According to experts, goat milk soap is capable of giving tough competition to any other anti-bacterial soap available in the market, especially when it comes to treating acne and blemishes. The milk proteins present in the products possesses amazing anti-microbial properties, which help prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria and destroy the ones already on your skin.

6. Relieves Irritation And Inflammation

Regular use of goat milk soap can be helpful in relieving the skin inflammation. Goat milk is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of fat molecules in it. Besides, it does not include chemical additives. So, anybody (even people with sensitive skin) can use it without worrying about irritation or inflammation.

7. Heals Skin Infections Quickly

As said in the previous point, goat milk can soothe our skin without causing itchiness. On the other hand, it also offers effective anti-microbial effects. Therefore, the soap made from it can easily be used to heal skin infections, such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis faster.

8. Maintains pH Balance Of The Skin

Goat milk soap helps balance the pH level of our body perfectly. It has been found that goat milk contains a certain fatty acid named caprylic acid, which lowers the pH balance of the soap and makes it almost similar to that of the human body. As a result, our skin can absorb most of the nutrients from the soap and prevent the attack of germs successfully.

9. Repairs Damaged Skin Faster

Goat milk is enriched with alpha hydroxyl acids, which removes dead skin cells and encourage the growth of fresh new cells in our body. It helps in repairing damaged skin, giving us a young and vibrant look.

10. Protects From Skin Cancer

Goat milk soap contains lots of selenium, which was proved by scientists, can protect our skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, keeping skin cancer at bay.